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Michael Burroughs

Michael Burroughs

Assistant Director of the Rock Ethics Institute

Senior Lecturer of Philosophy

129A Sparks Building
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 867-0471


  1. Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Memphis
  2. MA in Philosophy from the University of Memphis
  3. BA in Philosophy from Salisbury University


Michael Burroughs received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Memphis. His current research interests include philosophy of education (with a focus on experiential and moral education), philosophy of childhood, and the history of ethics. Dr. Burroughs has published on implementing philosophy in pre-college education and engaging children as philosophers, with forthcoming papers on topics in the history of political philosophy and ethics. He is also developing a comprehensive philosophy for children textbook that can be used by K-12 teachers to introduce philosophy to their students.

In addition to his theoretical interests, Dr. Burroughs has worked extensively in philosophy outreach. Prior to pursuing his graduate education, he developed philosophy programs at high schools in Salisbury, MD and Belize, Central America. He also led philosophy discussion groups for two years at Eastern Correctional Institution in Princess Anne, MD. As a graduate student at the University of Memphis, Dr. Burroughs co-founded 'Philosophical Horizons' (, a community outreach program dedicated to introducing the history and practice of philosophy to children in Memphis City Schools, grades K-12. Dr. Burroughs also served as Outreach Coordinator for the Department of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (

Dr. Burroughs is involved with numerous Rock Ethics Institute initiatives, including Ethics Education and K-12 Moral Literacy. As part of his work on these initiatives, Dr. Burroughs is partnering with the Pennsylvania State University Child Study Center to develop an effective ethics education program for use by parents and teachers with their young children/students.