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by rjp218 Feb 18, 2016

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Each of us faces ethical dilemmas every day. Sometimes we’re unsure how to handle a specific situation or wonder why certain groups, political or otherwise, handled a crisis in a certain way.

In partnership with the Rock Ethics Institute, Penn State Today’s new feature column aims to shed light on these ethical quandaries. Each article in this column will feature a different ethical question answered by a Penn State ethicist.

We invite you to ask a question by filling out and submitting the question form. An archive of the columns can be found here.

Disclaimer: The Rock Ethics Institute's "Ask an Ethicist" column is a forum to promote ethical awareness and inquiry in order to foster ethical literacy across the Penn State Community. These articles aim to identify and clarify the often hidden moral dimensions of a topic or question, establish facts relevant to ethical analysis, and explain and evaluate some of the different ethical positions and arguments one might take on a particular issue or question. These articles, however, present and articulate the interests and judgments of each author as an individual scholar, and are neither official positions of the Rock Ethics Institute nor Penn State University. They are designed to offer a possible approach to a subject and are not intended as definitive statements on what is or is not ethical in any given situation.