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Owning Ideas

“That’s Me All the Way”

Wikimedia Commons The O’Bannon Case, College Sports, and Property Rights in One’s Image and Public Likeness

How Patents Can Be The Difference Between Life and Death

The big political news over the past few weeks has been the shutdown of the federal government. One of the small footnotes to this latest national political circus was the cancellation of a scheduled trip President Obama was going to make to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, which concluded Oct 7.

IP's Greatest Hits, Part 1: The End of the Golden Age of Sampling

(Wikipedia) In this installment, we will revisit an obscure copyright infringement case, Grand Upright Music, Ltd. v. Warner Bros. Records, Inc., that had a big effect on hip hop music, and still raises serious questions about IP and culture. So let us go back, to a distant and alien time...

IP's Greatest Hits, Part 2: Chakrabarty's Magic Oil-Eating Bacteria

Pseudomonas Putida It is time once again for an installment of IP's greatest hits, a look back at significant developments in the history of intellectual property institutions that have had a profound effect on the world, as well as IP theory and policy.

Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent

Plots have I laid, inductions dangerous... On Our Recent National Fascination With the Dark Art of Politics

On Putting One's Foot in One's Mouth

Mitt Romney What Do Bayer's CEO's Recent Faux Pas And Other High Profile Gaffes Really Tell Us?

Owning Ideas: How Can You Own a Gene?

What do Angelina Jolie, Breast Cancer Screening, and the Myriad Genetics Case Have in Common?

Paying the Toll

(Its Always Sunny Wiki) Intellectual property folklore has its share of mythical evil creatures and dastardly deeds, such as patent suppression, the (fictional) practice of obtaining a patent for some invention in order to ensure that it’s never used (as in the so-called “free energy suppression” conspiracy theory). But in the various myths and legends about IP, no evil creatures are quite as reviled as patent trolls.

Superheroes, Super-Profits, and a Super-Swindle

Avengers Do Artists Always Win When Comic Books Become Movies?

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