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Weakness of the Will

"Chance or Choice:" What is Genetic Enhancement?

DNA In the first post of this series I give a broad overview of some of the ethical issues arising from the "new genetics."

"Weakness of the Will:" A Toxic Social Environment

Happy Meal In my last post I focused on the question of whether it is acceptable to limit access to foods which contribute to the struggle of obesity. Another important aspect of this issue, however, is the manner in which those foods are marketed.

"Weakness of the Will:" Challenges in the Struggle against Obesity, a Professional Perspective

Fitness Local State College residents discuss their experience helping others overcome obesity

"Weakness of the Will:" Give Me Soda and/or Give Me Death!

NYC Soda Ban Protest Does complete freedom really make us free? In the previous two blog posts we saw how personal struggles with obesity are often hampered by weaknesses in the human will. Given this, it may be natural to wonder whether we would benefit from having our wills constrained, and our freedom to act limited in those situations where we face the most temptation.

"Weakness of Will:" Challenges in the Struggle Against Obesity

Obesity is a complex problem and it may require more than just physical change.

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