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Learn how ethics is part of our everyday lives by reading articles and stories that show ethical dilemmas are everywhere.

What is the PEECh project?

by Rob Peeler Oct 25, 2016
In a recent interview, Michael D. Burroughs, associate director at the Rock, sat down with Monica Janzen from "Engaged Philosophy: Civic Engagement in Philosophy Classes" to learn more about the project and what students can learn form this civic engagement. 

Rock Associate Director receives Authentic Leadership Award

by Rob Peeler Oct 25, 2016
Michael Burroughs and Charles Burford Michael D. Burroughs, associate director of the Rock Ethics Institute, received the Authentic Leadership Award at the 21st Annual Values & Leadership conference held at Western University.  

Rock research associate to join IEEE General Principles committee on creating ethical autonomous systems

by Rob Peeler Oct 26, 2016
Alan Wagner headshot Alan R. Wagner, ethics core faculty member at the Rock Ethics Institute and assistant professor of aerospace engineering, was recently accepted onto The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) General Principles committee on creating ethical autonomous systems.

Ask an Ethicist: How important is empathy in the U.S. Presidential election?

by Rob Peeler Oct 18, 2016
Daryl Cameron headshot As Election Day nears, voters are debating the qualities that make for an effective leader. One of these contested qualities is empathy: the ability to understand and resonate with the experiences of others. Does it matter if a President can relate to you and care about what you are going through?

Ask an Ethicist: To stand or to sit for the national anthem

by Rob Peeler Sep 30, 2016
Josh Inwood headshot Expressions of patriotism can be important to the health of the nation and can serve as a rallying point for a diverse and multicultural nation. Equally important is the right to peaceful protest including the right to express opinions that some people might find antithetical to the nation. Recently this tension has come to the fore as athletes and other prominent public figures have begun silently protesting police abuses during the singing of the national anthem. This week’s column tackles this important issue.

Ask an Ethicist: What should I do if I encounter discrimination in the workplace?

by Rob Peeler Sep 23, 2016
Tom C. Hogan The workplace should be an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment. But what happens if you feel discriminated against or someone who is known to discriminate or regularly uses offensive speech is promoted. How should you deal with this and what resources do you have at your disposal? This week’s column aims to offer some advice on the subject.

Penn State welcomes three new ethics core faculty members

by Rob Peeler Sep 13, 2016
From left to right: Joshua F.J. Inwood, associate professor of geography; C. Daryl Cameron, assistant professor of psychology; Alan R. Wagner, assistant professor of aerospace engineering The Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State welcomes three new core faculty members in ethical research: C. Daryl Cameron (Psychology), Joshua F.J. Inwood (Geography), and Alan R. Wagner (Aerospace Engineering). These faculty members will help strengthen an interdisciplinary community of scholars and educators from across the University and they are committed to enhancing Penn State’s curriculum and research expertise in ethics.

Ask an Ethicist: Can I share my interview questions with peers?

by Rob Peeler Sep 09, 2016
Wayne Cross headshot In preparation for Fall Career Days at Penn State, we are publishing a five-part series retailed to the career-fair. Interviews can be stressful, especially for the first time. Many people feel that if they know the questions ahead of time, they’ll do a better job as they will be prepared. But is that really true? And, is knowing the questions ahead of time ethical or is it considered cheating?

Ask an Ethicist: Should I attend a career fair after accepting a job offer?

by Rob Peeler Sep 09, 2016
Lesley Jackson Headshot In preparation for Fall Career Days at Penn State, we are publishing questions over the next week that will discuss internships, interviewing, résumés, and reference writing. This question centers around attendance at the career fair. It's a great moment when you finally get that first job or internship offer. It feels even better to formally accept the offer, feeling secure about that next step in your career. But what if that offer comes before a career fair and you accept? Is it ethical to still attend the fair and take up the time recruiters could be spending with other students?

Ask an Ethicist: Embellishing on a résumé

by Rob Peeler Sep 09, 2016
Erica Kryst Headshot In preparation for Fall Career Days at Penn State, we are publishing a five-part series retailed to the career-fair. In many cases, the résumé is your first point of contact with the employer. You know how important it is and you really want to stand out from the competition. Is it ethical to embellish or exaggerate a bit on your résumé?