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Learn how ethics is part of our everyday lives by reading articles and stories that show ethical dilemmas are everywhere.

Ask an Ethicist: Can I practice interviewing during an actual interview?

by rjp218 Nov 03, 2016
Cassie Rosas Interviewing can be stressful and a common way to help become better at interviewing is practice. But what happens when someone uses actual interviews with companies they have no interest in to just practice? Is it ethical to take away these interview slots to just practice or are there better ways to handle this situation?

Civility at the core of American democracy, whatever politicians say

by rjp218 Feb 21, 2017
The Conversation Exceptions prove the rule. Extremes reveal what is indispensable. The phenomenon “Trump” is both an exception and an extreme: His brand of politics proves and reveals just how important democratic civility is to a vibrant democracy. As a philosopher who looks at the the ways in which emotions impact political freedom, I am interested in how humans have established civility and how we sustain and strengthen it in order to bequeath it to future generations of citizens.

4th Annual Rural Studies Student Conference: Reconceptualizing Rural Contexts

by rjp218 Nov 02, 2016
Dr. Kimberly Pfeifer delivers a keynote address on mapping global food systemsFaculty and students participate in a Q&A session following a presentation On October 28th and 29th, 2016 Penn State’s Rural Sociology Graduate Association hosted the 4th Annual Rural Studies Student Conference at Penn State’s University Park campus. The conference provided workshops, keynote presentations, paper sessions, and networking opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students from Penn State and other institutions. We are excited to announce that this year’s conference nearly doubled its previous attendance. We had over 75 people register, from 10 different schools and organizations, with representatives from more than 15 departments and programs across the Penn State campus.

Nancy Tuana receives PA IPL 2016 Visionary Award

by rjp218 Nov 01, 2016
Nancy Tuana receiving Visionary Award Nancy Tuana, founding director of the Rock Ethics Institute and DuPont/Class of 1949 Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies, received the 2016 Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light Visionary Award for her work with climate change ethics.

Environmental Justice

by rjp218 Oct 27, 2016
We Americans like to think of ourselves as an ethical people. For generations, our presidents have referred to America as the “shining city on a hill” and “the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world.” We pledge allegiance to a flag that stands for “liberty and justice for all.” That word “all” is key. If our lofty declarations are to have any meaning, then justice must be available for everyone, including the vulnerable and the oppressed.

2016 Stand Up awardees speak at ‘The Village at Penn State’

by rjp218 Oct 27, 2016
2016 Stand Up honorees The 2016 Stand Up honorees, Jaden Rankin-Wahlers, Alanna Kaiser and Nathan Larkin, spoke at ‘The Village at Penn State: State College Retirement Communities’ on Friday, October 21, 2016. The students presented on the topics of which they were honored last spring.

Rock research associate speaks at a United Nations co-sponsored conference

by rjp218 Oct 27, 2016
Human Cap panel at UN conference Yael Warshel, assistant professor of telecommunications and research associate in the Rock Ethics Institute, recently traveled to Baku, Azerbaijan to participate in a UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs co-sponsored roundtable about refugees and internally displaced persons. Dr. Warshel spoke about "mobile literacy" or the non-formal education which these populations are acquiring  and the irony that those skills better benefit global sensibility.  

What is the PEECh project?

by rjp218 Oct 25, 2016
In a recent interview, Michael D. Burroughs, associate director at the Rock, sat down with Monica Janzen from "Engaged Philosophy: Civic Engagement in Philosophy Classes" to learn more about the project and what students can learn form this civic engagement. 

Rock Associate Director receives Authentic Leadership Award

by rjp218 Oct 25, 2016
Michael Burroughs and Charles Burford Michael D. Burroughs, associate director of the Rock Ethics Institute, received the Authentic Leadership Award at the 21st Annual Values & Leadership conference held at Western University.  

Rock research associate to join IEEE General Principles committee on creating ethical autonomous systems

by rjp218 Oct 26, 2016
Alan Wagner headshot Alan R. Wagner, ethics core faculty member at the Rock Ethics Institute and assistant professor of aerospace engineering, was recently accepted onto The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) General Principles committee on creating ethical autonomous systems.