The Rock Ethics Institute


2010 Fellows

Seminar Directors

Nancy Tuana bio
Director, Rock Ethics Institute

Mark Fisher bio
Assistant Director, Rock Ethics Institute, and Lecturer, Department of Philosophy

Research Associate

Stephanie Jenkins bio
Ph.D. Candidate, Philosophy and Women's Studies

Seminar Participants

Deniz Aksoy bio
Lecturer in Political Science

David Carter
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Robert Caserio bio
Professor of English

John Dattilo bio
Professor of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management

Alyssa Garcia
Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies, and African and African American Studies

Katarzyna Kordas
Assistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences

Lindah Mhando
Assistant Professor of African and African American Studies

Carla Mulford
Associate Professor of English

Veena Raman bio
Lecturer in Communication Arts and Sciences, and Science, Technology, and Society

James L. W. West III bio
Sparks Professor of English