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Peter Hudson

Peter  Hudson

Director of the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences and Willaman Professor of Biology

344 Millennium Science Complex
University Park , PA 16802


Research interests

I focus on the ecology of wildlife diseases, including zoonoses. My group uses a mixture of fieldwork, laboratory studies and mathematical modeling to explore disease dynamics in three main study areas.

Epidemiology and population dynamics

  • How disease flows through wild animal populations
  • Mechanisms that lead to disease persistence within populations
  • The consequences of individual infections on host population dynamics. For instance, how the sub-lethal effects of infection destabilize host population dynamics by influencing the fecundity of individuals.


  • Identifying variation in transmission between infected individuals — and the role of "superspreaders" in disease dynamics.

Parasite interactions

  • How infection by one disease agent alters host susceptibility to other parasites and pathogens.
  • The consequences of these interactions for host population dynamics.

Much of my work has implications for the control of wildlife diseases, and of emerging zoonotic disease.