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Announcing New Journal: Critical Philosophy of Race

Critical Philosophy of Race publishes peer-reviewed journal articles that explore the philosophical dimensions of race, racism, and other race-related phenomena.
by khepler Jan 29, 2015

Critical Philosophy of Race publishes peer-reviewed journal articles that explore the philosophical dimensions of race, racism, and other race-related phenomena. The journal aims to provide a pluralistic forum for scholarly work in Critical Philosophy of Race from a broad range of perspectives. This commitment to pluralism and breadth means that the journal encourages the use of a wide variety of methods and tools to study race, racism and racialization. Accordingly, we welcome submissions from any philosophical orientation, without bias against or preference for any particular metaphilosophical orientation. We encourage research that examines the intersections of race with, for example, ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality, as well as work that draws on or emerges from other academic disciplines provided that the work bears on philosophical questions.

Critical Philosophy of Race consists in the philosophical examination of issues raised by the concept of race, the practices and mechanisms of racialization, and the persistence of various forms of racism across the world. Critical Philosophy of Race is a critical enterprise in three respects: it opposes racism in all its forms; it rejects the pseudosciences of old-fashioned biological racialism; and it denies that anti-racism and anti-racialism summarily eliminate race as a meaningful category of analysis. Critical Philosophy of Race is a philosophical enterprise because of its engagement with traditional philosophical questions and in its readiness to engage critically some of the traditional answers.

The journal audience goes far beyond the teachers of courses in this area and their students as Critical Philosophy of Race intersects with a number of already vibrant areas within philosophy including history of philosophy, epistemology, ethics, social and political philosophy. However, the practice of Critical Philosophy of Race is interdisciplinary insofar as it draws heavily on a number of other disciplines: Legal Studies, History, Anthropology, Sociology, Comparative Literature, African-American Studies, Latino/a and Hispanic Studies, etc. We expect that a significant part of the readership would be from these areas and for this reason the editorial board includes representatives not only from philosophy but also from other disciplines.

The journal will publish two issues per year (Spring and Fall) and will include peer reviewed articles, book reviews, and occasional critical commentaries.