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16th Annual Values & Leadership Conference

The 16th Annual Values & Leadership Conference: "Authentic Leadership: The Intersection of Purpose, Process and Context"
by SKeira Jul 15, 2015
When Sep 25, 2011 4:15 PM to
Sep 26, 2011 5:15 PM
Where Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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The various forms of authentic educational leadership have been a frequent focus of discussion at our annual meetings. In addressing this theme our emphasis has tended to be on the qualities of the authentic leader as a moral individual or the virtues associated with the authentic leader. For example, Begley (2006) describes authentic leadership as a function of three components – self-knowledge, sensitivity to the perspectives of others, and particular skill and knowledge areas associated with effective leadership. Alternately, Starratt (2004) speaks of three foundational virtues –responsibility, authenticity and presence. These are powerful heuristics that have generated a considerable amount of dialogue and research in recent years.

The need for genuinely authentic leadership for improving our schools, colleges and universities has not diminished. However for this year’s conference we would like to shift the focus from the nature of the authentic leader to an examination of the operational dimensions of authentic leadership –what it is authentic leaders do and how they do it. In other words a focus on leadership practices.

Particular categories of leadership practices seem critical to authentic leadership. For example, as part of a keynote presentation on sustainable leadership delivered at the 2010 conference held in Umeå, Begley proposed a relationship between three key components of educational leadership. He suggested that Authentic Leadership, in the form of leadership values, links with Moral Literacy as a specific process aimed at achieving Sustainability of Learning, a context-specific objective. Distilled even further, this proposition can be seen to highlight the intersection of purpose, process and context as authentic leadership.

Accordingly, we are identifying these three sub-themes –purpose, process and context, as a structure for our continuing discussion of authentic leadership, ethics and moral literacy. We invite the submission of titles and abstracts for papers that align with these themes.

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