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Upcoming Research Ethics Lectures

by admin Feb 13, 2015

Ethics Education in Science and Engineering is one of Rock Ethics Institute's major initiatives. The research conducted at the institute has made visible the need for a broader understanding of Research integrity, which would include both traditional Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) and two additional domains, the broader impacts of science and embedded ethics. The broader impacts of science examines the effects of the choice of research questions in science and engineering, the impacts of knowledge on society, issues related to communication of science to the public, as well as issues related to expanding diversity within the science and engineering fields. Embedded ethics targets ethical and value issues that arise in the course of the practice of science or engineering.

The Research Ethics Lecture Series creates a new opportunity for students, educators, researchers, and the members of the community to explore the impacts of science as being integrated in a broader social context and to be exposed to new ways of spotting how value claims, whether epistemic or moral, shape the scientific enterprise. 

You can stream & download both the lectures and speaker interviews on either the Rock's
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