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2020–2021 Rock Ethics Institute Undergraduate Fellows

by David Price Nov 16, 2020

Nick Banerjee— Psychology and Labor and Human Resources

Nick Banerjee

Nick is an undergraduate student with concurrent majors in Psychology and Labor and Human Resources. In professional work environments, he brings a combination of research and part-time work experience to make informed decisions about work and behavior. Nick challenges himself in the classroom through the advanced academic demands of the Schreyer Honors Program and the Paterno Fellows Program. Always willing to explore new opportunities on campus, he has been involved with different student organizations, most notably the Student Programming Association. With a highly ethical, hardworking, and supportive personality, he provides direction and optimism in group contexts. In his free time, Nick enjoys running, re-watching episodes of Game of Thrones, and playing instruments like the piano and drums. Rock Ethics Institute faculty member Forrest Briscoe is supervising their project “Employee Reactions to Companies Adding New Public-Health Employee Benefits: Experimental Survey Evidence.”




Will BaumgardnerWill Baumgardner—Russian and International Politics

Will is a senior dual majoring in Russian and International Politics. He is also enrolled in the Integrated Graduate-Undergraduate Program at the Penn State School of International Affairs, and so he is currently taking graduate school classes. He is actively involved in campus life, being an RA, the Service Chair for Penn State's Orthodox Christian Fellowship club, and the ex-president of Penn State Students in Russian. When he is not doing schoolwork, he enjoys rock climbing, playing video games, and reading. Rock Ethics Institute faculty member Catherine Wanner is supervising their project “Interpretations of Dignity as a Force for Political Change.”




Janiyah DavisJaniyah Davis—Criminology and Public Policy

Janiyah is a current junior from Dallas, Texas, in the Schreyer Honors College and Paterno Fellows Program studying Criminology and Public Policy. She is a research assistant in the Puts Behavioral Endocrinology and Cognition Lab as well as a fall 2020 Rock Ethics Institute Fellow. Janiyah is also the Director of Special Events for Schreyer's Scholar Ambassadors and a member of the Multicultural Association of Schreyer Scholars (MASS). Aside from topics of stress and psychological well-being, her research interests also focus on factors contributing to sociosexuality in men. Rock Ethics Institute faculty member Deborah Schussler is supervising their project “K-12 Mindfulness Based Interventions: An Extended Analysis of the Ethical Underpinnings.”



Haley Grossi

Haley Grossi—Human Development and Family Studies

Haley is a senior Human Development and Family Studies major at Penn State Brandywine. She will be graduating in the spring of 2021 and hoping to pursue graduate school. At Brandywine, she is completing research on the usage of pronouns, and she is a captain of the softball team on campus. Rock Ethics Institute Faculty Fellows Evan Bradley and Laura Evans are supervising their project “Ethical Dimensions of Pronoun Use in English.”





Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson—International Politics

Ashley is a current sophomore from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, studying International Politics, with minors in French and Digital Media Trends & Analytics. Her research has primarily focused on dilemma action and how protests have impacted further action on a topic. She is interested in the intersection between human rights, national security, and globalization's impact on these issues. Rock Ethics Institute faculty member Daryl Cameron is supervising their project “Empathy, Mask-Wearing, and COVID-19.”




Luisina Kemanian-LeitesLuisina Kemanian-Leites—International Politics

Luisina is a junior Schreyer student and Paterno Fellow majoring in international politics with a focus on international relations and minors in Arabic, Spanish, and Middle Eastern studies. She serves on the executive board of the Liberal Arts Undergraduate Council as the head of member relations. Rock Ethics Institute faculty member Yael Warshel is supervising their work in the Children, Youth, and Media in International and Global Conflict Zones Lab.




Anderson LongeneckerAnderson Longenecker—Global and International Studies and Japanese

Anderson is majoring in Global and International Studies and Japanese. She is from Charlottesville, Virginia. She is interested in many topics, especially in studying global trends. Her hobbies include painting, writing, and playing volleyball. Rock Ethics Institute faculty member Rob Chiles is supervising their project “This Time It’s Different? Shifting Discourses on Agri-food and Digital Technology in the Aftermath of Coronavirus, Economic Crisis, and Racial Unrest.”




Kristen MillerKristen Miller—Global and International Studies, Latin American Studies, Labor and Employment Relations, and Spanish 

Kristen is a sophomore from State College, Pennsylvania, in the Schreyer Honors College studying Global & International Studies (B.A.), Latin American Studies (B.A.), Labor & Employment Relations (B.A.), and Spanish (B.A.), with a minor in Portuguese. She is a former PIRE Fellow with the Center for Language Science where her research focused on Lengua Palenquera language revitalization efforts through the analysis of negation patterns. Kristen also serves as a Resident Assistant, a Site Development Director for Penn State Alternative Breaks, a Domestic Violence Counselor at Centre Safe, and a Post-Enumeration Data Collector with the United States Census Bureau. Her interests include human rights, youth empowerment, foreign affairs, diplomacy, cultural competency, civic engagement, and social justice. Rock Ethics Institute faculty member Yael Warshel is supervising their work in the Children, Youth, and Media in International and Global Conflict Zones Lab.


Taran SamarthTaran Samarth—Political Science, Philosophy, and Sociology

Taran Samarth is a sophomore majoring in political science, philosophy, and sociology from State College, Pennsylvania, and a Rock Ethics Institute fellow working with Dr. Jeremy Engels. They are a Paterno Fellow, a coder with the McCourtney Institute of Democracy, a member of the Penn State International Affairs and Debate Association, and an associate justice on the UPUA Judicial Board. Their academic, research, and advocacy interests focus on left politics, police abolition, and popular social movements. Rock Ethics Institute faculty member Jeremy Engels is supervising their project “The Art, Science, and Ethics of Breathing.”




Steve Schneible—Steve Schneible—English and Psychology

Steve of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is a senior Schreyer Honors Scholar and Paterno Fellow double-majoring in English and Psychology who serves as the Nonfiction Coordinator of Kalliope Literary Magazine. He has held several research positions in the humanities, including in the Empathy and Moral Psychology Lab, and his writing has won several awards. Steve received an Erickson Discovery Grant his sophomore year to fund his scholarship regarding the literary experience of abnormal psychology in the fiction of David Foster Wallace, and his honors thesis continues analysis in Wallace's fiction. He plans to pursue work in publishing and broadcasting. Rock Ethics Institute faculty member Jeremy Engels is supervising their project “The Art, Science, and Ethics of Breathing.”



Morgan SeiffMorgan Seiff—Film Production, English, and Jewish Studies

Morgan is a senior from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the Schreyer Honors College studying Film Production, English, and Jewish Studies. She is the editor in chief of Penn State’s Literary Journal, Kalliope, a two-year recipient of the Daniel Hartman Honors Award in Communications, and now a Rock Ethics Institute Fellow for fall 2020. During her time at Penn State, she has played key roles on professional film sets, directed a personal documentary in Poland, and had her short fiction published in Penn State’s literary magazine. Her undergraduate thesis will be a debut collection of short narrative fiction. She intends to continue her creative writing education post-graduation in England. Rock Ethics Institute faculty member Pearl Gluck is supervising their project “Stars and Bars: A Feature Film Exploring White Supremacy in Central Pennsylvania.”



JuntaeRocker200x200at72Juntae Rocker—Public Relations and Spanish

Juntae is a sophomore in the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State double majoring in Public Relations and Spanish with a minor in Korean and Digital Media Trends and Analytics. He hopes to develop a philanthropic career with nonprofits either near Penn State or Bucks County, his hometown. His specific passion is providing relief to low-income and impoverished households through the provision of related social service and affordable financial resources. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends, playing video games, and procrastinating with his dance routines. Rock Ethics Institute faculty member Michele Mekel is supervising their project "Viral Imaginations: COVID-19." Juntae looks forward to assisting Viral Imaginations with event coordination and research related to their future scholarship opportunities. 




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