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Addressing Intersectional Oppression

2012 Rock Ethics Institute Stand Up Award Recipient Julian Haas Class of 2012, Sociology, Penn State University Park
by khepler Apr 07, 2015
Contributors: Mark Fisher
2012 Rock Ethics Institute Stand Up Award Recipient 
Julian Haas Class of 2012, Sociology, Penn State University Park
Julian Haas
Julian Haas is tireless in his pursuit of social justice as an advocate, activist, ally, and educator. In addition to founding Penn State's first fraternity for gay, bisexual, and progressive men, he helped plan the first LGBTQA-focused on-campus living community at Penn State. Julian is equally aware of the oppression he faces as a gay man and of the oppression he does not face as a white man. In helping others understand and respond to intersecting forms of oppression, to which they may not otherwise be sensitive, Julian embodies the principles of ethical leadership.

We recognize his efforts, and his commitment to the principles that motivate them, through our Stand Up Award.