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Broadening the Conversation

Broadening the Conversation: Humor and the Fight Against Sexual Violence

by khepler Apr 02, 2015
Contributors: Desiree F. Valentine
Comedian Daniel ToshWanda Sykes It seems that the general response to the question of whether or not we should joke about serious harms is that this practice is morally questionable. Yet, to say that humor is off-limits in situations where grave harms have been committed seems a bit too absolutist.

Broadening the Conversation: On the Language of Prevention

by khepler Apr 02, 2015
Contributors: Desiree F. Valentine
Prevent Sexual Violence How do we prevent sexual violence? This is the question that activists, law enforcement, and public health professionals have long wrestled with. Too often, the answer to this question seems to be focused on the would-be victims.

Broadening the Conversation on Sexual Violence: Male Victims in the Military Sexual Assault Epidemic

by khepler Jul 16, 2015
Contributors: Desiree F. Valentine
We have come a long way as a society in recognizing the pervasiveness of sexual violence in some of our most longstanding institutions like the military and the university. White House inquiries in to these institutions show the extent to which the work of antiviolence activists can now be heard. But even when these advancements are made, continued attention must be paid to those still left out of the broader conversation on sexual violence.

What is Ethics?

by rjp218 Sep 24, 2015
Contributors: Michael D. Burroughs
How can you move from ethical awareness to ethical action? The Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State can help guide you and give you some tools to help in both your professional and personal lives.