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The Cinematic Confidence Game

House of Games

by khepler Jul 16, 2015
Contributors: John Minbiole
SpartanHouse of Cards Poster Movies, television, film, rely on the fact that we will lend them our (mostly) full faith and trust. Cinematic narratives, like people, want to be liked. Well-liked, as Biff says in Death of a Salesman. How much a film, a television show, a novel, a play is well-liked speaks volumes, in my view, about collective dreams, desires, and anxieties regarding our political, social, and cultural transactions with one another.

Knowledge, Agency, and Film

by khepler Mar 31, 2015
Contributors: John Minbiole
Hunt for Red OctoberHunt for Red October The most intriguing films and television shows give us reason to question the foundations of our knowledge and agency. Knowledge of ourselves, of who we think we are, and what we would like to be. At stake are what we can know, how we can know it, and what we should do.

What is Ethics?

by rjp218 Sep 24, 2015
Contributors: Michael D. Burroughs
How can you move from ethical awareness to ethical action? The Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State can help guide you and give you some tools to help in both your professional and personal lives.