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Ethical Musings

Ethical Musings: Death in HBO's Girls

by khepler Jul 16, 2015
Contributors: Kimberly Ann Harris
Girls' Hannah in Graveyard Since its debut in 2012, HBO’s hit series Girls has straddled all sorts of ethical lines about friendship, race, class and femininity.

Ethical Musings: Girls, How ought we treat our friends?

by khepler Jul 16, 2015
Contributors: Kimberly Ann Harris
Jessa Johansson: Bohemian and an Unpredictable World-travelerFriends for Life Let us return to an issue that stood out at the very beginning of season three of HBO's Girls. Jessa, one of Hannah's close friends (supporting protagonist) is in rehab. This comes as no surprise when we sum up all of Jessa's erratic and wreckless behavior. We all have a friend or know someone who is like Jessa, even if we take out the over-exaggerations in the show.

Ethical Musings: Honesty and Love in Girls

by khepler Apr 02, 2015
Contributors: Kimberly Ann Harris
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=598654310212172&set=a.269611826449757.62018.123031417774466&type=1&theater Girls' depiction of young love raises some ethical questions about the management of romantic relationships. Romantic love is philosophically opaque and needless to say people's opinions about managing it vary quite drastically.

Ethical Musings: Sexual Domination on Girls and Scandal

by khepler Apr 02, 2015
Contributors: Kimberly Ann Harris
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=611357468941856&set=a.269611826449757.62018.123031417774466&type=1&theaterhttps://www.facebook.com/ScandalABC/photos/a.587423511287435.1073741827.212455292117594/587423727954080/?type=1&theater Various degrees of sexual violence are often depicted on prime time television shows but here I want to think about sexual domination which is almost always nuanced and complicated. While HBO’s Girls has been the primary focus of this blog, other shows have managed to eroticize the sexual domination of women. The other show I have in mind is ABC’s Scandal.

Have We Been Asking the Wrong Questions About Climate Change Science? Why Strong Climate Change Ethical Duties Exist Before Scientific Uncertainties are Resolved.

by SKeira Jul 22, 2015
Are we asking climate change science some of the wrong questions? If what we do about the threat of climate change is an ethical issue, how does this affect how we talk about: (a) climate change science, (b) climate change "alarmists,"(d) the appropriate role of climate change skeptics, (e) what we mean when we make claims that climate change science is "settled", (d) what should nations, sub-national governments. organizations, and individuals do to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in light of what science is saying about climate change impacts?

Is Assisted Suicide in Girls and The Walking Dead right?

by khepler Mar 31, 2015
Contributors: Kimberly Ann Harris
Jessa assists a suicide in "Girls"Mika and Lizzie Samuels, of The Walking Dead In the season 3 finale of Girls we are introduced to a paralyzed artist who wakes up miserable everyday and is disappointed when she realizes she did not pass away in the night. In a different sense, the issue of assisted suicide is an ongoing theme on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

What is Ethics?

by rjp218 Sep 24, 2015
Contributors: Michael D. Burroughs
How can you move from ethical awareness to ethical action? The Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State can help guide you and give you some tools to help in both your professional and personal lives.