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Mid-pack Musing

Midpack Musings: Running for Charity - Where do your dollars go?

by khepler Apr 07, 2015
Contributors: Stephanie E. Vasko In this week’s blog, we’ll consider one major question around races for charity: namely, where does the registration money go and who has the obligation to disclose this information?

Spring Cleaning: Running Habits and Ethical Obligations

by khepler Jul 16, 2015
Contributors: Stephanie E. Vasko Over the past few years, as running has experienced a resurgence in popularity, several articles have been published on the concerns over impact of races on indigenous wildlife populations and the waste generated by running events. These concerns raise the question as to whether or not runners have an ethical obligation to protect the planet from potential harm and to preserve the planet for future generations of runners?

What is Ethics?

by rjp218 Sep 24, 2015
Contributors: Michael D. Burroughs
How can you move from ethical awareness to ethical action? The Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State can help guide you and give you some tools to help in both your professional and personal lives.