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Cycling to DC

by SKeira Jul 21, 2015

On April 27th, Jonathan Brockopp, director of the religion and ethics initiative at the Rock Ethics Institute, started off with a three-person team on a bike ride to Washington in order to raise awareness about the ethical dimensions of climate change.

"Most people know the scientific and political dimensions of climate
change," he said, "but few have thought deeply about the moral implications."
According to Brockopp, these are among the most important climate issues:
"People right now are suffering from changes in our climate, and the floods and
droughts we have seen recently are only harbingers of what may be coming down
the pike."

The trip is sponsored by Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light , a state-wide non-profit that has its main offices in State College. The bikers are staying overnight in church basements and giving talks to colleges and religious communities along the way. Click here for an update on days one and two of the four-day trip.