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Response to the Current Crisis

by SKeira Apr 15, 2015


During this time of unprecedented crisis within the Penn State community, the Rock Ethics Institute remains committed to fostering careful reflection and dialogue concerning the many ethical challenges facing our community.  We acknowledge our responsibility to participate in addressing the particularly difficult challenges that recent revelations have raised by initiating and lending our support to programs that aim both to increase awareness of and to foster careful reflection concerning issues such as:

  • ethically appropriate responses to the spectrum of harms done to children who have been sexually assaulted 
  • the interrelations between individual and institutional ethical responsibility, and   
  • the requirements for a diverse and multi-faceted organization like Penn State both to advocate for and to exemplify integrity in all aspects of its mission.

The Penn State Rock Ethics Institute will draw on the expertise of members of the community, on the Institute's existing resources in the areas of ethical leadership and moral literacy, as well as on the resources that are emerging from our current examination of institutional corruption in support of this reflection and dialogue. We appreciate input from anyone in the community concerning how we might best facilitate this challenging process. Please leave your comments below.