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Online Feminist Activism: Does Technological Progress Equal Progress Technically?

by khepler Jul 16, 2015
Contributors: William Michael Paris
Anonymous-seal The Washington Post recently published an article by Michelle Goldberg about the “psychic costs” that come with being a woman who writes about feminism online. The women who were interviewed described the persistent retaliations from men as ranging from insults to threats of sexual violence and death. This has led to some women wishing they had remained anonymous or even retiring from online activist work. In this short article I would like to pose how or whether technological progress follows what we may call “moral progress.” We live in peculiar times when it comes to activist work. At no point in time has it seemed easier to learn about the struggles of others, forge coalitions, or enter the so-called “marketplace of ideas.” With the advent of the Internet as it is now it would appear that traditionally marginalized populations have never had greater access to technologies that allow them to make their voices and particular experiences heard.

Announcing the 2014 Stand Up Award Honorees

by khepler May 01, 2015
Announcing the 2014 Stand Up Award Honorees For Zachary Brubaker, taking a stand means uniting the blind and sighted to promote respect and equality for workers with disabilities. For Maggie Cardin, taking a stand means working to educate emerging teachers to recognize and prevent depression and suicide in students. Two Penn State students received the 2014 Stand Up Award for showing courage and fortitude and demonstrating ethical leadership through personal example. The Stand Up Awards are sponsored by the Rock Ethics Institute in the College of the Liberal Arts at Penn State