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by rjp218 Apr 22, 2015

Food Ethics Annotated Bibliography

The literature analyzing the ethics of food production, distribution and consumption is continually growing and expanding. The multi-disciplinary nature of this literature has the potential to leave readers disoriented by the scope or unaware of relevant research occurring in unfamiliar disciplines. The purpose of this bibliography is to provide an internet-based resource for researchers, teachers, students and the public interested in the ethics of food. Using short summaries, annotations and links this resource guides readers through the literatures addressing the ethics of food.

Importantly, this resource does not attempt to provide an authoritative statement on particular issues, themes or debates but point readers to the relevant literature enabling independent inquiry. We have sought to balance breadth of entries with depth, selecting based on the influence of the entry on the ethical debate and analysis of human conduct in the production, distribution, preparation and consumption of food.