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Publications and Working Papers

by rjp218 Apr 22, 2015

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Marks, Jonathan H., Toward a Systemic Ethics of Public-Private Partnerships Related to Food and Health, Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal (forthcoming), 24(3) (2014)

Mayes, Christopher, “Governing through choice: Food labels and the confluence of food industry and public health discourse to create ‘healthy consumers,’” Social Theory & Health, (Sept. 2014) | doi:10.1057/sth.2014.12

Christopher Mayes and Donald B. Thompson, Is Nutritional Advocacy Morally Indigestible? A Critical Analysis of the Scientific and Ethical Implications of ‘Healthy’ Food Choice Discourse in Liberal SocietiesPublic Health Ethics (2014) 7 (2): 158-169

Marks, Jonathan H., What's the Big Deal?: The Ethics of Public-Private Partnerships Related to Food and Health (May 23, 2013). Edmond J. Safra Working Paper No. 11.

Marks, Jonathan H.,(2013): Objects Closer Than They Appear: Regulating Health-Based Advertising of Food, The American Journal of Bioethics, 13:5, 23-25

Thompson, Donald B., and Bryan McDonald, “What Food is ‘Good’ for You? Toward a Pragmatic Consideration of Multiple Values Domains,” J. Agric. & Environ. Ethics, 26(1) (2013): 137-163

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