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Critical Philosophy of Race Journal

by admin Mar 13, 2015

Critical Philosophy of Race Journal Cover ImageCritical Philosophy of Race publishes peer reviewed journal articles that explore the philosophical dimensions of race, racism and other race-related phenomena. The journal aims to provide a pluralistic forum for scholarly work from a broad range of perspectives. This commitment to pluralism and breadth means that the journal encourages the use of a wide variety of methods and tools to study race, racism, and racialization. Accordingly, we welcome submissions from any philosophical orientation, without bias against or preference for any particular metaphilosophical orientation.

We encourage research that examines the intersections of race with, for example, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexuality, as well as work that draws on or emerges from other academic disciplines, provided that the work bears on philosophical questions. Authors should submit manuscripts for review through the journal's online submission and peer review system.