Critical Philosophy of Race Library

by admin May 08, 2015

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The Critical Philosophy of Race Library contains books on loan from the collection of Robert Bernasconi on topics related to critical philosophy of race broadly conceived. It contains a number of rare items including runs of a number of important journals. These include De Bow’s Review (1850-1859); The American Journal of Science (vols 1-48; 1846-1869); The Journal of American Folklore (vols 1-88; 1888-1975); The South African Journal of Science (vols 11-47; 1914-1950). There is a special section of the library devoted to books on South Africa including the Statutes from 1927 to 1937 (22 volumes). The collection is constantly growing and includes a significant number of reprints of major historical texts in critical philosophy of race as well as recent monographs. The library is a non-lending resource that is open, by appointment, to Penn State students and faculty as well as visiting scholars.