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Collegium of Black Women Philosophers

by admin Mar 13, 2015

The Collegium of Black Women Philosophers (CBWP) is a philosophical organization whose purpose is to encourage and foster a networking and mentoring relationship between the underrepresented Black women in philosophy including undergraduate students and graduate students as well as assistant, associate, and full professors in the Academy. The objective of the CBWP is to mentor and retain the Black women who are currently professors or graduate students in philosophy while simultaneously recruiting more Black women into the discipline.

The specific goals of the CBWP are as follows:

  1. to increase the representation of Black women in philosophy;
  2. to provide a network for participants to share their experience and expertise;
  3. to help participants in graduate programs in philosophy successfully complete the Ph.D. and transition well into the job market and the Academy;
  4. to help participants get into tenure-track positions;
  5. to help participants successfully navigate the track to tenure;
  6. to help participants develop research projects into publications;
  7. to offer mentoring, professional development, and financial support for conferences.