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Ethics Education

by admin May 17, 2018

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The Rock Ethics Institute provides numerous ethics education resources and opportunities. We urge every member of the Penn State community to reflect upon the importance of ethics, integrity, and respectful community.

Because we research, develop, and teach about tools for dealing with ethical issues, our activities are wide-ranging (from the Moral Literacy Colloquium and numerous lecture series on topics in ethics to Ethics Seminars for Faculty and RISE UP). But whether focused on the environment, medicine, business, or the academy, and whether working with students, researchers, or professionals in the community, our purpose is the same: to help people meet the challenges they encounter and have the confidence and knowledge to stand up for themselves, their ideals, and the interests of others. We believe that learning to consider and respond to ethical problems is essential for all members of our community.

Associated Research Projects:

Eberly Teach the Teachers Workshop 

Engineering Teach the Teachers Workshop

Learning and Teaching Ethics in Engineering         

National Science Foundation Education Modules

National Science Foundation Education Module: Ethics in the Environment