Open Online Courses

by rjp218 Nov 23, 2015

Online Module hompageThese open access online modules offer training in three broad areas of ethics relevant to STEM research.  The first dimension of ethics training encompasses issues of responsible conduct of research (RCR) along with additional grey areas and emerging RCR areas.  This component of our training is labeled Research Integrity.  The second dimension of research ethics involves what we call Embedded Ethics.  This important domain examines ethical issues that arise in the course of the practice of science and engineering.  In this dimension, we also look at coupled ethical-epistemic analyses.  These involve attention to the ways in which ethical issues (concerning how we should act, or the impacts of choices of actions on others) are interconnected to epistemic issues (what we choose to study, what we overlook, how we frame what we desire to know).  The third dimension is labeled Broader Impacts in line with the National Science Foundation broader impacts criterion.  In this domain we provide ethics training on topics related to such issues as the effects of the choice of research questions, the impacts of scientific and engineering knowledge on society and the impact of society on the development of knowledge in science and engineering science, issues related to communication of science to the public, as well as issues related to expanding diversity within the science and engineering fields. 

These modules have been designed for use by graduate students, advanced undergraduates, faculty, and interested members of the public. All of the modules are freely available for use and integration into existing courses.

If you have any feedback regarding these modules, please contact us