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by rjp218 Nov 03, 2015

Ethical Leadership

Questions about Ethical Leadership have been a central part of Western Culture since the time of the Ancient Greeks. Despite the long history of discussions of leadership in academic settings, deciding which view to accept as one’s own or how to combine the strengths of each into a model for leadership is anything but a merely academic enterprise. It is a choice that potentially makes all the difference concerning how we will, quite literally, lead our own lives and how we will play leadership roles in the lives of the individuals and communities around us. Learn more about these different views in the Ethical Leadership Online Course Module.

Ethical Leadership

Moral Literacy

Moral literacy is a set of practical skills and abilities that enables one to identify, articulate, and respond to ethical challenges. This module provides some of the tools necessary for understanding the moral literacy based approach to ethics, while also providing opportunities to assess and further develop one’s own practical skills and abilities in relation to ethical challenges.

What is Moral Literacy?