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Annotated Bibliography

by rjp218 May 13, 2015

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This evolving annotated bibliography is designed for scholars that work in the area of ethics and sexual violence. The purpose is to offer scholars a focused research guide to the vast and rapidly expanding scholarly literature and public debate on this topic. New content, as well as new subject areas, will be added to the bibliography periodically.

Sexual violence is a concrete and urgent problem. It is a complex area for inquiry that crosses disciplinary boundaries and theoretical orientations. A number of significant ethical questions are situated at the intersection of both theoretical and applied ethics, questions related to social and political justice, legal theory, transnationalism, and pedagogy. Various subdisciplines, including feminist theory, post-colonialism, and the critical philosophy of race, are expanding the conversation by attending to the multi-faceted and intersectional nature of sexual violence. Therefore the research areas in this bibliography necessarily encompass a complex nexus of ethical, philosophical, pedagogical, transnational, political, and legal issues. In addition to scholarly research directly addressing or discussing these areas, we have also included a section with popular resources, such as non-academic texts and online public debates. Given the vital connection between research and community involvement, such resources open up important new connections for theorizing about ethics and sexual violence. 

Since it is part of the fulfillment of such scholarly inquiries and ideas to actively share in a community that benefits from such research and ethical initiatives, we welcome your comments or suggestions for additional content. Please contact us with any inquiries and/or suggestions for materials for inclusion on this site.