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by rjp218 May 13, 2015

The Philosophy of Love and Sex: An Introduction

Alan Soble
Paragon House (2008)

The background -- Projects; the significance of sex and love; secret pictures; sexual pluralism -- A history of the philosophy of sex and love -- The ancients; medieval philosophy; modern philosophy; the twentieth century; contemporary philosophy -- Sex -- Sexual concepts -- Analytic questions; sexual activity; sexual desire; social constructionism; polysemicity (polysemy); sexual sensations -- Sexual perversion -- St. Thomas Aquinas; problems with natural law; psychological perversion; psychiatry and perversion; a conceptual framework -- Sexual ethics -- Contraception; beyond natural law; Immanuel Kant; contemporary Kantian philosophy; utilitarianism; sadomasochism; love -- Sexual politics -- Consent, again; pedophilia; prostitution and marriage; marital rape; compulsory heterosexuality; pornography -- Love -- Varieties of love -- What is love?; love and value; eros and agape; evaluating and assessing love; the fine gold thread; concern and benevolence; union -- Features of love -- Tangles in theories of love; exclusivity; uniqueness; irreplaceability; constancy; reciprocity -- Sex, love, and marriage -- Pauline marriage; the links; sex and love; the death of desire; saving marriage; reasons for monogamy; reasons for marriage -- Gender -- Women and men; gender and sex surveys; heterosexual failure; gendered sexuality; gendered love. Abstract retrieved from philpapers.

Soble, Alan (2008). The philosophy of sex and love: An introduction. St. Paul, MN: Paragon House.

A Most Detestable Crime: New Philosophical Essays on Rape

Keith Burgess-Jackson
Oxford University Press (1999)

This collection of original essays by leading philosophers probes the philosophical aspects of rape in all of its manifestations: act, crime, practice, and institution. Among the issues examined are the nature of rape; the wrongfulness and harmfulness of rape; the relation of rape to racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of oppression; and the legitimacy of various rape-law doctrines. Each contributor advances a novel argument and seeks to disentangle the conceptual, evaluative, and empirical issues that arise in connection with the crime. This essential reference work is among the first philosophical anthologies devoted exclusively to the subject of rape--as complex and interesting intellectually as it is pervasive and disturbing socially. Abstract retrieved from philpapers.

Burgess-Jackson, Keith (1999). A most detestable crime: New philosophical essays on rape. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 

Violence Against Women: Philosophical Perspectives

Eds. Stanley G. French, Laura M. Purdy, and Wanda Teays.
Cornell University Press (1998)

This is the first anthology to take a theoretical look at violence against women. Each essay shows how philosophy provides a powerful tool for examining a difficult and deep-rooted social problem. Stanley G. French, Wanda Teays, and Laura M. Purdy, all philosophers, present a familiar phenomenon in a new and striking fashion. The editors employ a two-tiered approach to this vital issue. Contributors consider both interpersonal violence, such as rape and battering; and also systemic violence, such as sexual harassment, pornography, prostitution, and violence in a medical context. The editors have further broadened the discussion to include such cross-cultural issues as rape in war, dowry deaths, female genital mutilation, and international policies on violence against women. Against this wide range of topics, which integrate personal perspectives with the philosophical, the contributors offer powerful analyses of the causes and effects of violence against women, as well as potential policies for effecting change. Abstract retrieved from amazon.

French Stanley G.; Purdy, Laura M. and Wanda Teays (Eds.) (1988). Violence against women: Philosophical perspectives. New York: Cornell University Press. 1st edition. 

Rape and Society: Readings on the Problem of Sexual Assault

Patricia Searles and Ronald J. Berger (Eds.)
Westview Press (1995)

In the 1970s rape became the point of departure for an ongoing feminist examination of the subordination and sexual victimization of women. More recently, domestic violence, prostitution, sexual harassment, and pornography have come to the forefront of investigators' concerns. Rape and Society returns to the original focus on rape, while also illuminating the interconnections among the many forms of violence against women. The book provides a comprehensive treatment of the subject, drawing on writers and researchers from across a range of social and behavioral sciences and the humanities and representing the experiences of women of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. From the private torment of a child abused by her father to the horror of mass rape and ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia, the authors analyze rape as a tool of humiliation, control, and terror. Rape and Society is an essential resource for academics and professionals and for anyone wanting to come to grips with the magnitude of the problem of sexual violence. Because the selections are moving as well as thought-provoking and varied in approach (theoretical, empirical, literary, and experiential), this interdisciplinary anthology is a superb text for undergraduate and graduate courses in women's studies, psychology, sociology, and criminology. It offers incisive analyses and carefully designed research to help us understand and explain rape while sensitizing us to the personal dimensions of sexual victimization and the emotional toll of living in a violent society. There are hopeful voices here too, helping readers envision a safer and more humane world, offering concrete suggestions for social change, and encouraging us all to gather the power and courage to take on the work that lies before us. Synopsis retrieved from Questia.

Searles, Patricia and Berger, Ronald J. (Eds.) (1995). Rape and society: Readings on the problem of sexual assault. Boulder: Westview Press.

Transforming A Rape Culture

Emilie Buchwald, Pamela Fletcher, and Martha Roth (Eds.)
Millkweed Edititions (2004)

A groundbreaking collection of diverse voices addressing the elements of our everyday lives which encourage violence toward women. Tackling a wide range of important issues, this book is a much-needed step toward eliminating the sources of rape and rape culture. Contributors include Andrea Dworkin, Michael S. Kimmel, Carol Levy, Gloria Steinem, bell hooks, Naomi Wolf, and Ntozake Shange; a comprehensive list of further readings and resources is also included. Synopsis retrieved from Milkweed Editions.

Buchwald, Emilie; Fletcher, Pamela and Roth, Martha (Eds.) (2005). Transforming a rape culture. Revised Edition. Minneapolis: Milkweed Editions (2005)