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Non-Academic Sources: Internet

by rjp218 Jul 22, 2015

Campus Sexual Assault

Al Jazeera America: Sex Crimes on Campus Series

Al Jazeera America Campus Sexual Assault Town Hall

A special broadcast and digital series by Al Jazeera America’s flagship program America Tonight that takes on the issue of campus sexual assault. Topics include the campus culture that fuels sexual assault and the prevalence of serial rapists, the debate over the role of alcohol, to the growing army of activists and survivors who are working to end the problem and encourage resistance. 

Al Jazeera America: What Role Does College Partying Play in Sexual Assault?

This article considers the role alcohol and hook-up culture may play in campus sexual assault.

Alcohol and Campus Sexual Assault

New York Times Room For Debate: Young Women, Drinking, and Rape

This public debate offers a variety of viewpoints on the subjects of college women, rape, and alcohol. The debate is largely a response to an article published on Slate.com by Emily Yoffe called, "College Women: Stop Getting Drunk".

Is There No Room For Black Women in the Rape and Alcohol Debate?

A response to the New York Times Room for Debate feature, of which all contributors were either white women or black men. Wagatwe Wanjuki’s response is an important contribution to the debate, as gender-based violence is a serious issue for Black women. 

Affirmative Consent

Yale Law Students Critique Professor's Campus Sexual Assault Op-Ed 

More than 75 Yale Law School students signed an open letter on a recent New York Times op-ed about campus sexual assault written by one of their professors, Jed Rubenfeld. The letter is especially critical of his comments regarding affirmative consent policies as unenforceable and his suggestion that such an approach redefines all drunk sex as rape.

Lincoln College President: Women lie about Rape When It Doesn't Turn Out The Way they Want

This article gives an overview of Lincoln University President Robert Jenning’s remarks during his speech at the University’s All Women’s Convocation that seemed to urge women not to report sexual assault. Also includes a clip from his speech.

Gray Rape

‘Gray Rape’: A New Form of Date Rape?

A New York Times blog post by Sewell Chan covers a panel discussion on the idea of “gray rape” in which panel members considered whether the term is meaningful, helpful, or harmful.  The discussion as response to an article in Cosmopolitan magazine, “A New Kind of Date Rape,” that defined “gray rape” as “sex that falls somewhere between consent and denial and is even more confusing than date rape because often both parties are unsure of who wanted what.”

Sexual Assault and Race

University of Michigan: Sexual Assault and Women of Color

This site by the Sexual Assault Prevention & Awareness Center (SAPAC) explains why assumptions about race can make women of color more vulnerable to sexual assault and how these assumptions cause them to face additional barriers when seeking assistance in the aftermath of sexual assault. The site also counters myths about sexual violence with facts.

The Women of Color Network (WOCN): Culturally Specific Institutions and National Organizations

This site provides links to a number of culturally specific national organizations dealing with the issue of violence against women, including:

The Women of Color Network (WOCN) Facts & Stats Collection PDF

This PDF highlights specific issues and distinguishing dynamics that confront different women of color and presents a series of data collected in 2006 regarding violence against women in an easy-to-read, concise document.

Sexual Violence Against Men

National Alliance to End Sexual Violence: Male Victims 

This article offers an overview of where we stand when it comes to the issue of sexual violence against men, including statistical data on the rates of reporting, issues faced by male victims in the aftermath of a sexual assault, and the importance of recognizing that men can be victims of sexual assault.

Street Harassment

New York Times Room for Debate: Do We Need a Law Against Catcalling?

This debate considers whether current laws dealing with harassment should be strengthened to include catcalling, or would such a law go too far in delineating acceptable patterns of speech and behavior.