Bystander Intervention

by rjp218 Jul 21, 2015
Sexual Assault Violence Prevention (SAVP)

This website provides a nice, succinct overview of bystander intervention and explains how bystanders can successfully intervene to stop a potential assault.   

What is an Active Bystander?

This website does a nice job discussing active bystander intervention and includes links to related video clips. 

What to Do If You're a Bystander

This site provides different scenarios and asks you what you would do if you were the bystander. It also provides information related to active bystander intervention and other related resources. This site also houses a PDF of an interesting Powerpoint presentation.

Caution Warning: Some of the activities on this site may bring up intense thoughts, feelings, negative memories, and/or exacerbate symptoms of PTSD for a survivor of sexual violence.

Bystander Information Playbook

This bystander intervention playbook shows different plays bystanders can use to prevent sexual assault.