Class Activities

by rjp218 Jul 21, 2015
Exercises *

This site houses three links that lead to a number of exercises designed to support discussions covering a wide ranges of issues related to sexual assault and gender.

Sexual Assault Risk Reduction Curriculum

This PDF is the Sexual Assault Risk Reduction Curriculum.  This outstanding and comprehensive guide includes statistics, student surveys, and advice on addressing sensitive topics. It includes directions for several activities which could be adapted to the college classroom, including some interesting scenarios.

Caution Warning: While the whole PDF is not necessarily triggering, activities, like role-playing exercises or class discussions, may be difficult for a survivor of sexual violence.

Am I a Perpetrator?

This site has a list of questions that men can ask themselves to determine whether they are a perpetrator. Educators can use this information to support a discussion on climate, pressures, and cultural features that support the acceptance of sexual assault.

Meet Rape & Sexual Abuse Survivors*

Pandora’s Project provides true stories of sexual assault survivors. These stories would be great in developing a discussion about the effects of abuse on the abused. The last story is most relevant for college students.

Caution Warning: Stories on this site contain specific events that can be very triggering for a survivor of sexual violence.

Sexual Assault Public Service Announcement *

This sexual assault public service announcement (7:00 min) defines sexual assault, and provides statistics about sexual assault in college. Additionally, two women who are victims of rape share their stories. Some of the YouTube viewer comments are also interesting. This is an excellent clip for introducing the topic to college student and for introducing rape myths.

Caution Warning: This YouTube video contains real stories that may bring up complex thoughts and emotions, negative memories, and/or exacerbate PTSD. The viewer comments may be triggering to a survivor of sexual violence.

Sexual Assault Public Service Announcement 3

A public service announcement on sexual assault (2:36) that provides statistics, visuals, and notes some of the possible psychological consequences of being assaulted.

Caution warning: This PSA contains some violent images that may be triggering for a survivor of sexual violence. Some of the viewer comments erroneously blame and shame the victim.

A Sexual Assault Survivors Story

This is the story of a sexual assault survivor and her struggle with the traumatic experience (17:04 min). The film also highlights the misconceptions, hidden secrets and hard truth behind rape on college campus around the United States.

Caution Warning- This site has stories containing specific events that may be triggering for a survivor of sexual violence. The film clip may bring up complex thoughts and emotions, cause flashbacks, and/or exacerbate PTSD.

What Would You Do? *

Although this “What Would You Do?” clip (9:02 min) is about men abducting drunk women, the opening section is a terrific way to begin a discussion on bystander intervention (or the lack of bystander intervention). Ultimately, the clip shows that men and women don’t always intervene to help a potential victim similarly. 

Caution Warning: This clip contains a scenario that may be triggering for a survivor of sexual violence.

The Bro Code *

The Bro Code: How Contemporary Culture Creates Sexist Men (7:00 min) provides an excellent overview of some of the media and social influences that lead boys and men to adopt sexist attitudes that support sexual assault.

Caution Warning: This clip may be triggering for a survivor of sexual violence.

What Rapists Look Like*

This clip (30 sec), “What Rapists Look Like,” from the military helps dispel the myth that most rapists look and act like stereotypical criminals. 

Bystander Intervention

This clip (35 sec) demonstrates several “basketball plays” bystanders can use to stop a sexual assault. 

Bystander Intervention Scenarios

This site offers two scenarios educators can use to support a discussion on bystander intervention.

Caution Warning: The scenarios may be triggering for a survivor of sexual violence.

What is Consent?

This outstanding video, from Brown University, shows students explaining what is, and what is not, consent.