The following websites have a variety of statistics regarding sexual assault.
by rjp218 Mar 12, 2015
Sexual Assault Statistics

This Louisiana Foundation against sexual assault page contains statistics on campus sexual assault, female sexual assault, male sexual assault, sex offenders, substance abuse and sexual assault, law enforcement involvement, domestic violence and sexual assault, and general statistics.

Definitions and Statistics

Counterquo provides definitions and statistics on the prevalence of rape among women, the number (incidence) of rapes among women in a year, the prevalence of rape among men, children, relationships between rapist and victim, reporting to police, and incidences of false reporting.

Who Are the Victims?

This page breaks down the statistics by gender and age, and lists the effects of rape and the pregnancies caused by assault.

Frequency of Sexual Assault

This is a page on the startling frequency of sexual assault and how things have improved since 1993.

Reporting Rates of Sexual Assault

This page provides a brief set of statistics on the reporting rates of sexual assault and startling statistics about what happens to rapists who are caught.