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by admin May 14, 2015

An image of a piece of blank film.

The following resources are provided by Penn State's Media Commons: Teaching and Learning with Technology, and Media and Technology Support Services.


Free Media Library

Filmmakers can start here to access to legal photos, music, and video.


University Park students may borrow equipment free of charge from Media and Technology Support Services locations when it is being used for class projects and/or this competition.


Recording and editing labs are open to all University Park Students throughMedia Tech Support Services, and state-wide through Media Commons.


Media Commons provides a variety of tutorials covering all the software and studio equipment they provide. Learn about these topics and more:

      • Video Basics: Basic camera operation, iMovie editing, and exporting.
      • Advanced Video: Final Cut Pro, using the green screen, and lighting.
      • Video Studio Basics: Green screen, and lighting.
      • Podcasting Basics: Recording and editing in Garageband, and exporting to iTunes.

The Media Commons Workshops are a series of free small-group (~4 people) hands-on training sessions designed to give a brief introduction to various digital media concepts and software packages.


Storyboarding is one of the most effective ways to communicate visual ideas and organize your thoughts and plans for a video. The idea behind story boarding is to give a rough visualization to your project. Students may download this useful template.

Shared Storage Server

Media Commons provides storage space for projects which can be accessed from sites in Pollock and Pattee at University Park, and on the Media Commons computers on commonwealth campuses.


All intellectual property (copyright, music, actors, trademarks, logos, etc.) must be cleared. (For more information about copyright see Filmmakers can access legal photos, music, and video through the Penn State Media Commons free media library.


You must receive permission for the use of the image or likeness of any and all identifiable persons appearing in your submission.  You will be required to submit a release signed by each identifiable person appearing in your submission granting the Rock Ethics Institute permission to use his or her image/likeness if your submission is selected as a finalist in the competition.


To be part of the competition, you must expressly agree and consent to the terms of the competition and to agree to follow the submission guidelines. All finalists and semi-finalists will be required to sign a release form upon notification of the award. (The signed form is not necessary at the time of entry.)

An image of a piece of blank film.