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Previously Active Interest Groups

Sweatshops, Labor Rights, and Labor Standards

by rjp218 May 14, 2015
The Sweatshops, Labor Rights, and Labor Standards Interest Group will focus on the ethics of work, employment, and employment relations, both in the U.S. and around the world. This broad subject would include issues such as sweatshops, labor standards, right to free association, forced labor, workplace safety and health, and the provision of health care. And it would examine the work and employment institutions created domestically and internationally (government agencies, employers, unions, transnational organizations, etc.) to determine the role they play in insuring that employees’ rights are protected.

Science Studies

by rjp218 May 14, 2015
The Science Studies reading group will take classic and more contemporary studies of science as its focus, in order to provide a broad introduction to the field. With this basic framework, students and faculty will be better prepared to conduct research in specific areas, such as the rhetoric of science, medicine and technology; cultural studies; feminist science studies; and disability studies.

Rural Issues

by rjp218 May 14, 2015
The Rural Issues Ethics Interest Group will: develop a rural issues forum to be held once per academic semester; bring together faculty, staff and graduate students from throughout the Penn State system to engage in intellectual discourse on rural issues such as policy, community and economic development, communication, health care, technology, and more; offer a venue for the exploration of partnerships for collaboration on future research and outreach projects; seek to establish Penn State as a premier rural research and outreach institution.

Latina/o Studies

by rjp218 May 14, 2015
The Latina/o Studies Ethics Interest Group examines how recent scholarship in Latina/o studies provides an ethical foundation for understanding globalization and migration as they shape Latina/o identity and community formation. This group is used as a base to reach out to other Latina/o groups on campus and in the community.

Human Rights

by rjp218 May 14, 2015
The ethics interest group on Human Rights was dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and innovative research concerning human rights. The goal of the group was to create a productive environment for research, teaching, curricular development and outreach related to human rights.

Feminisms and Social Justice

by rjp218 May 14, 2015
The Feminisms and Social Justice Interest Group met at least once a month to: 1) discuss, exchange ideas and offer constructive feedback on our individual and joint research projects; 2) dialogue about assigned readings from relevant feminist scholarship; 3) hear speakers address specific topics related to our mission; and, 4) support and mentor each other in our pursuit of research, scholarship, publication, and funding of our individual and joint research endeavors.

Ethics and Disability Studies

by rjp218 May 14, 2015
The Ethics and Disability Studies Reading Group was one of the Rock Ethics Institute's Ethics Interest Groups. Group members read a variety of interdisciplinary articles in the broad area of disability studies, ranging from history and cultural studies to philosophy, literary theory and criticism, and sociology, and focusing on material about the history of the disability studies movement, the history of the treatment of the disabled, the field of disability ethics, and current issues in the disability rights movement.