Feminisms and Social Justice

The Feminisms and Social Justice Interest Group met at least once a month to: 1) discuss, exchange ideas and offer constructive feedback on our individual and joint research projects; 2) dialogue about assigned readings from relevant feminist scholarship; 3) hear speakers address specific topics related to our mission; and, 4) support and mentor each other in our pursuit of research, scholarship, publication, and funding of our individual and joint research endeavors.
by rjp218 May 14, 2015

The mission of the Feminisms and Social Justice Ethics Interest Group is to create a space for scholars from across the Altoona College in which to develop, collaborate on and support feminist research within a broad range of social issues. The group’s ultimate goal is social transformation via the development and application of feminist critical frameworks, methodologies and praxis. These efforts may evolve as individual projects or as interdisciplinary collaborations. Current and future research foci and methods will emerge from the numerous disciplines represented by the participants: political science, languages and literatures, human development and family studies, environmental studies, integrative and performing arts, women’s studies, education, anthropology, English, and cultural studies. Current research interests of group members include theorizing whiteness; women, rural economics, and poverty; environmental policy and human rights; immigration; resisting war; material cultural and visual culture; women and crime; women in non-western culture; women and the media; censorship and the representation of women; black American women writers and ecocriticism; art, language, and the body; Latina and Latin American women and social transformation; and language, peace, and social justice.