16th Annual Conference Interviews

by rjp218 Jul 22, 2015

During the 16th Annual Values and Leadership Conference in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in September 2011, which addressed the theme of “Authentic Leadership:  The Intersection of Purpose, Process, and Context,” we had the opportunity to discuss some of the themes of the conference with scholars who study concepts of leadership and ethics in education. 

Following a semi-structured interview format, the scholars were asked questions such as: 

  • What advice would you offer to young educational professionals seeking to use moral literacy to resolve ethical/moral dilemmas?
  • What is authentic leadership in the educational setting?
  • What is the role of ‘ethic sensitivity’ in leadership practices, and what does an authentic leader do to be ethically sensitive?

These videos are being provided as an educational tool in order to promote the understanding and use of moral literacy in the classroom.

Interviews (2011)

Paul Begley, University of Victoria

Ethical sensitivity in leadership practices

Ethically sensitive leadership practices: Sensitivity to Values and Context

How a leader becomes ethically sensitive?

The importance of ethical sensitivity in educational leadership

Promoting self-reflection in educational leadership

Michael Bezzina, Australian Catholic University

Ethical sensitivity" and "Authentic leadership

Discussing his recent research on promoting ethics sensitivity in schools

Incorporating and Responding to Dissent in Education

Ethically sensitive leadership practices

Jacqueline Stefkovich, Penn State

Authentic leadership in K-12 education

Using moral literacy to resolve moral dilemmas in education