17th Annual Conference Interviews

by rjp218 Jul 22, 2015

Dr. Jacqueline Stefkovich, Professor of Educational Leadership, Penn State University

Respect and Understanding: Building Capacity for Ethical Leadership in Indigenous Populations

Empowerment through Recognition of Strengths & Perspectives of Native Americans

Ethics & the Role of Community, Spirituality & Respect for Mother Earth w/Indigenous Populations

Ms. Eve Mayes, Doctoral Candidate Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney

How to succeed as an Ethical ‘Facilitator’ when working with Student Voice Initiatives

How to succeed as an Ethical ‘Facilitator’ when working with Student Voice Initiatives: Part 2

How to succeed as an Ethical ‘Facilitator’ when working with Student Voice Initiatives: Part 3

Dr. Michelle D. Young, Professor; Executive Director of UCEA

A Three Step Formula for Building Ethical Leadership

Important Catalysts for Transforming Moral Purpose into Moral Action 

Mr. Roger Holdsworth, Senior Research Associate, Youth Research Centre, The University of Melbourne

Future Shock: The Unfortunate Dynamic of Future-Oriented & Job Placement Educational Systems

The Real ‘A-Team’: Student Action Teams innovate to ethically solve school & community issues

Ms. Samantha McClelland, Student, Balwyn High School, Melbourne, Australia

The Victorian Student Representative Council’s Emerging Role in Developing Moral Leadership

The Victorian Student Rep. Council’s promotion of opportunities for student voice & moral leadership  

Dr. Stephen J. Gross, Founding Director of the New DEEL (Democratic Ethical Educational Leadership)

"Turbulence Theory” as a Guide for Transforming Moral Purpose into Moral Action

Unplugging ‘Command and Control’ in the Classroom

Dr. Susan C. Faircloth, Former head of the Native American Educational Leadership Program at Penn State

Indigenous Insights for Building Capacity for Moral and Ethical Leadership

Leading Ethically in the Face of Adversity with Indigenous Populations

Dr. Ulrika Bergmark, Assistant Professor, Department of Arts, Communication and Education, Luleå University of Technology 

The Fundamentals for Helping Teachers Successfully Create & Sustain Ethical Leadership in Schools

Helping School Leaders Define & Transform Frame Fundamental School Values into Moral Action

Dr. Charles Buford, Associate Professor of Education at Australian Catholic University  

Setting Ethical Standards: School Reform Through Moral Purpose Driven Leadership

The ‘Leaders Transforming Learning and Learners Project’ and the ‘Moral Agency Model’