PIKSI 2011

by rjp218 Feb 25, 2015

Theme: Philosophy: Experience, Reflection, Transformation

Philosophy arises out of both everyday and extraordinary human experience, out of the problems, passions, anxieties, surprises, awe, and aspirations of real life. Philosophy is both an evolving and transformative practice and a history of deliberation and reflection. This year’s course will focus on philosophy’s history as well as contemporary texts in feminist theory, critical race theory, disability theory, queer theory, and other nontraditional work. Students will investigate how lived experience has shaped philosophical reflection throughout its history and how reflection transforms both those of us who engage in it and the world around us. Through readings, writing assignments, visiting lecturers, and professional development mentoring, students will learn that their own perspectives and experiences can contribute to the ongoing development of philosophy.

PIKSI Class of 2011 Iris Marion Young Diversity Scholars

Alberto Bejarano 
Hanna Bustillo 
Maggie Castor 
Catherine Clune-Taylor
Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman  
Joaquin De La Torre-MacNeill 
Xavier Hemphill 
Kristin Li 
Jordan Liz 
Zinhle Mncube 
Rhea Muchalla 
Nmeli Nnoromele 
David Norman 
Cameron O'Mara 
Eric Ritter 
Eric Rodriguez 
Gloria Rodriguez 

2011 Institutional Co-Sponsors

Rock Ethics Institute, Penn State
College of the Liberal Arts, Penn State
Association for Feminist Ethics and Social Theory (FEAST)
American Philosophical Association
Department of Philosophy, Penn State
American Society for Aesthetics
University of Alberta, Edmonton
University of Michigan
University of Oregon

2011 PIKSI has also been supported by the generous gifts from the Ann Arbor Philosophers' PIKSI Funding Initiative, including gifts from:

Liz Anderson
Chloe Armstrong
Gordon Belot
Paul Boswell
Annette Bryson
Sarah Buss
Stephen Campbell
Victor Caston 
Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman
Anna Edmonds
Lina Jansson
Sarah Moss
Steve Nayak-Young
Sven Nyholm
Dan Peterson
Laura Ruetsche
Steve Schaus
Chip Sebens
Jonathan Shaheen
Patrick Shirreff
Alex Silk
Chandra Sripada
Nils-Hennes Stear
Rohan Sud
Erik Swanson 
Jamie Tappenden
Will Thomas
Dustin Tucker
Ken Walton
Dave Wiens
Robin Zheng
and other Ann Arbor-area philosophers