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Research Integrity in Science and Engineering (RISE UP)

by rjp218 May 06, 2015

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What is RISE UP?

RISE UP (Research Integrity in Science and Engineering at University Park) 

Ethics Education in Science and Engineering is one of Rock Ethics Institute's major initiatives. The research conducted at the institute has made visible the need for a broader understanding of Research integrity, including issues in:

  • Traditional Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) 
  • Broader impacts of science
  • Embedded ethics

The broader impacts of science examines the effects of the choice of research questions in science and engineering, the impacts of knowledge on society, issues related to communication of science to the public, and issues related to expanding diversity within the science and engineering fields.

Embedded ethics targets ethical and value issues that arise in the course of the practice of science or engineering.

Some of these offerings are available for SARI@PSU participation credit.