BIOET 504 Course Description

by rjp218 May 13, 2015

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Course Description

The Research Integrity in Science and Engineering at University Park (RISE UP) course introduces a broader concept of research ethics. 

Research in science and engineering has comprehensive, sometimes nonapparent ethical implications. Students and the instructor will work together to explore the components of responsible conduct of research, the mutual influences between research and society, and to reflect on the ethical and value choices that are embedded in research decisions and practices.

Students who take this course will form a robust understanding of ethical responsibility in their professional work; they will also develop pedagogical skills that prepare them to mentor students and colleagues on research integrity in their own disciplines. As a participant in this course, you will:

  1. Understand and identify instances of embedded ethics, broader impacts, and research integrity as they apply to work within your profession.
  2. Apply ethical reasoning skills to examining examples of research ethics through real-world cases and contemporary problems.
  3. Build a research ethics teaching portfolio and work with your home discipline to identify ways to engage in peer mentoring on topics in ethics.
  • 2 credits, P/F
  • Successful completion of this course will fully satisfy the SARI@PSU training requirements for discussion-based activities. 

RISE UP is a unique opportunity to think, reflect, and engage important ethical perspectives and set yourself apart as professionals.

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