2007 Participants

by rjp218 Jul 23, 2015

Seminar Director

Sandra Morgen bio

Professor of Women's Studies

Seminar Participants

Mark Anner bio

Assistant Professor, Labor Studies and Employment Relations, and Political Science
"Solidarity Transformed: Labor’s Responses to Industrial Restructuring in the Americas"

Mallika Bose

Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture
"How Can Social/Economic Justice Perspectives Inform Current Debates Concerning the 'Built Environment and Public Health'"

Caru Bowns

Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture
"Research for an international conference proposal tentatively titled: Problematizing 'Third Wave' Civil Society: Panacea or Placebo for Social and Economic Injustices?”

Major Coleman

Assistant Professor, African and African American Studies, Political Science, and Labor Studies and Industrial Relations
"The Cost of Racial Equality, a book length project"

Paul Durrenberger

Professor, Anthropology
"Ethics, Ethnography, American Culture and Corporate Practice"

Constance Flanagan bio

Professor, Agricultural and Extension Education 
"Adolescents’ Interpretations of the 'social contract': Implications for young people and the polity"

Jane Juffer bio

Associate Professor, English and Women's Studies
"God's (In)visible Hand: Latina/o Protestants in the Midwest U.S."

Lovalerie King bio

Assistant Professor, English
"The Black 'Thief': A Study of Property, Race and Ethics in African American Literature"

Dirk Mateer bio

Senior Lecturer and Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies, Economics
"Contrasting Economic and Ethical Behavior in the Movies and Music"

Jennifer Mittelstadt bio

Assistant Professor, History and Women’s Studies 
"The American Military Welfare State"

Susan Squier

Brill Professor of Women’s Studies and English 
"Poultry Science, Chicken Culture"

Allan Stoekl

Professor, French
"Social Justice: On Wealth and Poverty in the Growth Economy"