Module Overview

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by rjp218 Jul 23, 2015

Overview of each of the modules and the ethical content they cover

Links in table below will download individual modules. If you would like more information on each individual modules, please click on the appropriate link in the pages submenu. Download entire module packet here. 


Scientific Content

Applicable Courses

Responsible Conduct of Research

Research Misconduct, Publication Credits, Research Protections

Any scientific research course

Ethics for the NSF

NSF merit review second criteria, definitions of "good science," and general data analysis

General environmental science course, grant writing workshops

Data Analysis

Type I and II statistical errors, Bayesian decision theory, carbon cycle projections, overconfidence issues

Statistics, data analysis, modeling

Benefit-Cost Analysis

Cost-benefit Models, Pareto Criterion, Compensation Criteria, Samuelson-Bergson Social Welfare Functions

Agricultural, Environmental, or Ecological Economics


Biofuels production, cellulosic ethanol,   GMOs, environmental sociology

Ecological economics, sustainable development, environmental engineering, pollution control

Forthcoming modules

Decision-making under uncertainty

Probabilities and risk assessments, climate mitigation and adaptation measures,

Geological and Environmental Engineering

Uncertainty and scientific reporting

Climate change, probability, and risk assessments

Geological and Environmental Engineering