Responsible Conduct of Research

by admin Mar 05, 2015

This module engages with issues identified as most important by the Office of Research Integrity (NAS), such as research falsification, data fabrication, or plagiarism. Topics also covered are considerations include publication, research credit, conflicts of interest, and standards for review of pre-published data and dissemination of research findings. This module is meant to cover essential aspects of the proper conduct of research across all environmental sciences, and thus could be integrated into most any graduate level course. This module is generally applicable to any course in environment sciences. 

Ethical issues that are covered include:

  1. Research misconduct
    • Falsification
    • Fabrication
    • Plagiarism
  2. Responsible authorship
    • Authorship credit and responsibility
    • Proper citation
    • Timeliness of dissemination
    • Obligations to various interests
    • Proper acknowledgements
    • Honesty and avoid dilution
  3. Conflicts of interest
    • Financial
    • Personal/professional
    • Transparency