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Research Ethics Lecture Series: Q&A

by khepler Aug 26, 2015

Research Ethics Lecture Series

The Research Ethics Lectures Series (2013-2015) brought eleven internationally-recognized researchers in areas of research ethics to our campus to speak on topics ranging from human and animal subjects to mentorship and international concerns to institutional and broader societal issues. 

As part of the Rock Ethics Institute RISE UP initiative organized by postdoctoral researchers Nicolae Morar and Jonathan Beever, these lectures framed an ongoing conversation about ethics and science.  Speakers shared their thoughts on research ethics and their research in informal interview settings with Jonathan.  

These videos give us insight into the current state of research ethics and the sort of researchers to tackle these important questions. Click on each individual question in the menu on the right and you’ll find responses to common questions from each speaker. Explore their personal responses here and get a sense of the shape and future of research ethics! If you would like to view the speakers' full interviews and lectures, visit our Research Ethics Lecture Series playlist on Youtube

  • Dr. Melissa Anderson
  • Dr. Nancy Kass
  • Dr. Philip Kitcher
  • Dr. Sheldon Krimsky
  • Dr. Benjamin Levi
  • Allen Hornblum and Gordon Shattuck
  • Dr. Jonathan Marks
  • Dr. Thomas Seager