by rjp218 Jun 26, 2015
The Center for Climate Risk Management (CLIMA)


CLIMA analyzes specific, eceonomic, and ethical questions related to climate change risk management.

Sustainable Climate Risk Management (SCRiM)

SCRiM logoCentered at Penn State, SCRiM links a transdisciplinary team of scholars at 19 universities and 5 research institutions across 6 nations to answer the question, “What are sustainable, scientifically sound, technologically feasible, economically efficient, and ethically defensible climate risk management strategies?”

Penn State Institutes for Energy and the Environment (PSIEE)


PSIEE is the central coordinating structure for energy and environmental research at Penn State, and is affiliated with the eight colleges and college-level institutes.

The Consortium for Socially Relevant Philosophy Of/In Science and Engineering (SRPoiSE)

SRPoiSE Logo

SRPoiSE supports, advances, and conducts philosophical work that is related to science and engineering and that contributes to public welfare and collective wellbeing. We aim to improve the capacity of philosophers of all specializations to collaborate and engage with scientists, engineers, policy-makers, and a wide range of publics to foster epistemically and ethically responsible scientific and technological research.