by admin Jun 24, 2015

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Our work in science and engineering ethics includes a wide range of resources for researchers and for educators.  Given our commitment to ethically informed research and decision support, our goal is to help scientists and engineers to meet the challenge by developing the knowledge and understanding they need to respond to the complex ethical issues raised by their work and be attentive to value choices embedded in their research. 

Our activities include various resources for scientists and engineers.  They include resources for integrating ethics into the science and engineering curriculum as well as new methods like coupled ethical-epistemic analysis and values-informed mental models to assist in identifying the values embedded in models, theories, and technologies.  Our efforts are designed to help ensure that scientists and engineers see ethical challenges as an integral part of their research and have the knowledge and skills they need to make a difference in their professions and in their communities by advocating for ethically responsible science and engineering research and practice.