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Climate change presents significant challenges across all sectors of industry and manufacturing, from making the production line more efficient to eliminating certain chemicals altogether from the manufacturing process. Industry will likely need to answer to the challenges of emissions reductions to adhere to forthcoming regulations, such as under the Clean Air Act, to improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce waste, and to appeal to the appearances of being green, particularly for publicly traded companies. Relatively early adopters of new environmental standards will likely reap benefits of both longer-term savings through energy efficiency, and bonuses from early adherence to regulatory frameworks which can sometimes be based on the successes of early adopters. Overall, reduction of emissions by industry will likely improve the firms competitiveness on the global marketplace, for example, when fuel efficiency standards of American cars are some of the world's lowest, it will be difficult to export American auto technology abroad.
by rjp218 Mar 28, 2015


A variety of  companies have taken up the challenges of reducing emissions, and have already begun to reap the benefits. DuPont, for example, has pledged a 15% reduction of total GHG emissions from 2004 to 2015, a decision which has already saved the company $2 Billion in energy efficiency. Granted, emissions targets can always be improved, but any movement forward that provides both emissions reductions and capital savings is a win-win situation. A variety of industry organizations and consultancy groups are developing to address the growing need of industries to meet emissions reductions worldwide.

The C2ES - Business Environmental Leadership Council (BELC) focuses on and provides resources for companies wanting to reduce emissions
The Climate Group case studies, examples of successful industry and regional leaders in emissions reductions
Climate Biz, a climate management business resource
Climate Ark, a portal dedicated to climate science, policy and advocacy
Resources for the Future
Business Council for Sustainable Energy
Article 13, advisers on corporate sustainability planning