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Climate Concepts

Climate science — the study of systems affected by climate change — concerns a variety of topics in the natural and environmental sciences, including greenhouse gases, the relationship between energy and carbon dioxide, and global warming. As an academic area of study, climate science draws significantly on fields such as ecology, climatology, and earth systems science.
by admin Mar 27, 2015
Ethics education is the path to climate justice.

With the support of the National Science Foundation and the Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment, the Rock Ethics Institute is working with ethicists, economists, and leading climate scientists to bring ethics and climate research together in the classroom. Through this collaborative effort we aim to: (1) develop pedagogical strategies for incorporating ethical issues within climate science curriculum, and (2) foreground the ethical dimensions of climate change within ethics curriculum. 

The Rock Ethics Institute is also collaborating with various individuals and organizations to produce a variety of new media projects dedicated to formal and informal climate science and ethics education. Working with WPSU (the local PBS affiliate), the Institute produced a short educational film and public forum talk on issues of climate science and climate justice. We invite you to check back often, as we are continually adding podcasts and videos of events to our growing media archive.