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Alex Riviere

by rjp218 May 01, 2015
Alex Riviere

Honors Thesis Fellow


            Alex Riviere is a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance. He is heavily involved in Project Haiti, a club that raises funds and awareness for a couple partners in Haiti including the Maison Fortune Orphanage and a rural city called Jacsonville. Alex also serves as a representative on the Paterno Fellows Advisory Board working closely with the Barry Director of the Paterno Fellows Program, Dr. Cathy Wanner. This summer, Alex will be working for a branch company of Johnson and Johnson called McNeil Consumer Healthcare.

Thesis Abstract:

            Johnson & Johnson has been a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, acquiring over 250 companies since inception. Within these acquisitions, some were small and others involved billions of dollars. There will be an aspect of the thesis that will talk about the ethics of these acquisitions. What changes occur when a company is acquired by Johnson & Johnson? This is a huge company and with that comes a lot of litigation. This could make it harder for these companies to produce the quality or quantity of their products. There is definitely a logistic change but there may also be an ideological change. The question that needs to be answered is whether the changes enhance the ability for these companies to produce the medical device or pharmaceutical product or does it inhibit and exploit them? Does the acquisition end up being good for Johnson & Johnson but worse for any stakeholder who was going to benefit from the continued research while the company was independent?

            The preliminary stage of research will be acquired through interviews with executives at Johnson & Johnson.